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These days, Facebook is rife with political discussions and the sharing of experiences at the grocery store. Along with my Mylar balloon adventures, I’ve ranted about a particular leader and gave the Acme a shoutout because they had most of the items I needed. My heart goes out to people facing eviction and job losses due to the Coronavirus. I’m wondering if reopening businesses slowly with social distancing and masking might provide a hedge against sickness and poverty. At some point, the economy has to resume. A time comes when to say when.

It’s taking longer to write these days; for example, three days to write this blog. I’ll need to revisit the fine details in my WIP. My protag should have trouble finding meat, cleaning products, and toilet paper at least once or twice. However, she needn’t worry about learning Zoom since she doesn’t belong to any clubs. Besides, during a zombie apocalypse, she’ll be lucky to get any electricity, let alone the Internet. My protag may continue to buy balloons since they’re still finding their way to my cart. Dat’s wight, wabbits, the balloons are still calling to me.

These days, going to the supermarket gives a lot of people anxiety. However, the thought of having stuff delivered causes me angst. I know someone who scheduled a delivery that hasn’t materialized. That person’s running out of food. Others reported that they only got half of the items. Attempting to order groceries online necessitates a lot of uninterrupted time on the computer, a big no-no for someone with severe dry eye disease. I take my dry eye seriously, as the blurred vision can cause an issue with driving.

The time came when to say when as far as angst goes. My balloons and I agreed on a plan. I can go to the supermarket and run other essential errands if I arm myself with a sanitizer, a mask, and gloves. Per my balloons’ orders—yep, they’re da boss—I check my temperature before going on an errand. New Mylar purchases get handled with gloves and set aside for three days before they go on a balloon tree. I’ve been generous with disinfectant, and I work out with HASfit videos. According to my balloons, exercise is good for the immune system. Before refills, my balloons ask me to wash my hands long enough to sing a balloon lyric.

The hardest thing for me is missing out on family gatherings, writers’ events, volunteering at Ben Wilson Senior Center (yes, the folks there love my balloons), and lunch with my close friends. I sincerely regret not retiring sooner because I would have had that much more time with my peeps. However, I did make a few writing events on Zoom. So far, I’ve been maintaining my health, and I’m grateful for that. I hope all of you are staying well and keeping safe. How are you dealing with the pandemic? Any regrets? How has it affected your writing? I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

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  1. The northern part of the USA was hit harder by the coronavirus than New South Wales Australia. We have had one local death in my area, the Illawarra. We of course would have preferred no deaths from this virus. Some items still hard to get. Ratbags were caught buying up vital medicines and sanitary wipes and sending off to China. Now I believe that is illegal. My 50 Dragons will be out soon thanks to Barbara. It was a long haul getting there but I am certain the effort made by myself and Barbara will stand the test of time. I am also putting together a book of Holmes inspired short stories so I have been busy during this time or I should say making myself busy. Right now reading Weird Wild West by Carter and Ryder put out by Bizarro Pulp Press. As for exercise, I can still go to local parks and photograph wildlife. We can’t sit on public benches and only two people can walk together. I am more a bird man than a balloon specialist. Recently I got some good photos of a peregrine falcon. I hope to catch up with him again soon. Barbara’s recent experiences with other writers in the USA I am sure have been passed onto me and have made me a better writer. So thanks, Barbara. Spring now in the USA and the coronavirus I believe doesn’t care for sunshine or maybe that is just a local myth.

    • I’m going to hope the virus doesn’t care for heat or sunshine. I wouldn’t sit on any public bench without first wiping down real good with disinfectant. Looking forward to publishing 50 Dragons. Great hearing from you, Rod. Barbara of the Balloons

  2. Excellent blog post, Barbara. I particularly enjoyed hearing about your shopping expeditions and your beloved balloons. Truthfully, I’m taking a respite from writing. I’m working on two books, one a self-help book, How to Ask for and Get What You Want and a book about color meditation. You may have had the experience of having to edit the editor’s corrections. That’s what happened with the first book. Again, this is an interesting blog. Thanks for your great comments on FB. I agree with you 100%.

    • So glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I have had that experience, and then I write my own note to the editor inside a balloon. It goes both ways. I’m still working on my book, but I’m taking a class that will switch to online. There are also homework assigments. It’s all good. 🙂 Barbara of the Balloons

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