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Since Count Dracula’s legendary time, vampires have roamed the collective imagination of the world lurking in the dark corners of the mind, skulking in shadows, ready to sink their teeth into the warm flesh of unsuspecting necks. Night to Dawn seeks to breathe new life into vampires, zombies, mummies, vampires, and other undead night stalkers. Night to Dawn 38 caters to horror, dark fantasy, and dark science fiction aficionados. Aside from vampires, it features demons, zombies, and other mythical monsters. Night to Dawn 38 includes authors and artists like Marge Simon, Rod Marsden, Sandy DeLuca, Lee Clark Zumpe, Marc Shapiro, S. M. Bidwell, and many others.

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Please explore Night to Dawn with the understanding that holy objects and garlic may not protect you, for the NTD vampire is no ordinary species. You might meet the blood drinker of yore, or a walking skeleton, or even a human vampire. Then there are the psychic vampires. Recently, NTD has been featuring werewolves and other monsters but always with the bloodlust theme. Our goal is to showcase the work of writers who share a passion for the horror genre. By featuring upcoming artists and writers, we hope to bring new life to the world of the undead. Night to Dawn will offer tales written by Todd Hanks, Lee Clarke Zumpe, and other authors that will appeal to your spine! And if you’re in the market for a good book, you might want to check out Tom Johnson’s reviews, always listed in the magazine.

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NTD books feature science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, supernatural horror (especially vampire), and adventure. NTD has branched into publishing novels and tries to blend a hybrid of horror and science fiction with its work. Query before sending any work. You can find excerpts, reviews and other information on the NTD authors and their works on the following pages, along with Amazon reviews.

I can’t include shipping costs with the price for the books; however, our books are sold through different venues which may give you free shipping. I have posted links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other distributors for each book. You can get steep discounts on postal rates by ordering multiple copies or ordering eBook copies. Please contact me at with questions.

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Rod Marsden’s 50 Dragons: Peace meant sacrifice, and Dreadnought had already sacrificed so much of himself. He was scarred from battle and felt numb from his pain as well as that of others. Then one day, Dreadnought came to stare into the eyes of the statue of King Kamehameha and drew strength from it. Other knights would note this and also draw what they could from the statue of a long-dead Hawaiian warrior. Amelia understood the angst Dreadnought felt as he got closer to his life goal. Would the High Ones allow his final victory and, if they did, what would then happen to him and his love Amelia? 



family comedy by Michael De Stefano

Waiting for Grandfather is now available!

From the dismal coal mines of Scranton, Pennsylvania to the crowded streets of North Philadelphia went Antonio Corelli (Grandfather). Against his better judgment, but to unburden his struggling folks, he takes along his two unruly brothers, Al and Nunzio. Upon arriving in the big city, the young duo steals a pig from an Aramingo Avenue slaughterhouse—an act that triggers a lifetime of calamity.


thriller and crime fiction by Tom Johnson

Tom Johnson’s The Man in the Black Fedora is now available! A New Hero Arises to Battle The Underworld! In a city of mob rule and crime, death is cheap, and police have their hands tied. In this dark metropolis, a new paladin arises to fight against ….Read more


Rod Marsden’s Dragon Queen: Mixing with your betters can get you killed. Dragons know this as does a certain maverick pilot and his researcher wife. It is possible to get thrown into events not of your own making in which you must do your best toRurvive. Meanwhile, somewhere not far from mainland Tasmania, there is an island named Green Maiden’s Folly. What’s it like? Is it paradise, or has it been made over into a worse destination hellhole than Devil’s Island used to be like in the 19th and 20th Centuries? On Green Maiden’s Folly, the destiny of the dragon is revealed.

L. M. Labat’s The Sanguinarian Id: Schwartzwald, sequel to The Sanguinarian Id will be released soon!
Blurb: Surrounded by a legion of abandoned souls that tend to his every whim, Mendelson grips hold of everything he surveys. Greedy for power and more, he continues to sink his teeth into whatever catches his fancy, whether it has a pulse or not. As more people break and bend under his heel, one person stands in defiance.

writes deep horror with a flavor of history


Former Night to Dawn author Neil Benson now has his second edition of Unholy Embrace available on Amazon.

Blurb: Frank Thornton’s night of passion with the vampire Nessa Harcanu ignites the love that binds them to each other. He learns of the great power she gained from her 500-year fight for survival. Their commitment to each other forces Frank to enter a dark world he never imagined. Together, they battle werewolves, vampires, and other creatures of the night, leading to a confrontation with an immortal, seemingly invincible demon. They must use all their strength and wit to survive the greatest battle of their lives.

Vampire tale by Neil Bensen

Horror fiction by Kevin Doyle involving feral children

New edition of The Litter: Karen Bannister is coming off a really bad year. Estranged from her father and her fiancé dead, she finds solace in her work with the city’s indigent, destitute, and lost. Then something, something savage and brutal, appears… read more.

horror & sF about aliens and zombies

Steel Rose back in print: The renegade Kryszka concoct a chemical to zombify humans and turn them into flesh-craving monsters. Yeron escapes their colony to practice human medicine, but most people fear him. So does his patient Alexis until…read more.

science fiction tales by Barbara Custer

The Forgotten People: A crash landing leaves an alien woman at the mercy of a sadistic scientist whose “cure” could kill her. A painting opens a doorway to an alternate dimension, and a brand new life, for one woman, while a nurse’s life is turned upside down in a … read more.

psychological horror written by Gerald Browning

New Edition of Demon in my Head: Human/Vampire hybrid Gabriel Brimstone walks between the worlds of the living and the dead. He hunts vampires and slays them with remarkable ease. However, the years have taken their… read more.


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Award won by Tom Johnson for his numerous pulp tales

Night to Dawn’s award as of July 2017.




    Can’t wait to read it!

  2. sounds like a fun one!

  3. Oct. Frights Blog Hop: Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway. Both books are something I’d love.

    Mylar balloons: I think you have 27 balloons.

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so it goes to my email? My email address is: michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

    • We’ll see what the other folks guess. 🙂 That’s a great question about subscribing – I realized the blog doesn’t show any way to do that. I’ll try to fix that. Barbara of the Balloons.

  4. Your website design is so nice now and so much easier to navigate around x

  5. Night to Dawn 26 – Of the poems I liked Marc Shapiro’s Bad Food the best. Great imagery. In terms of art, nice take on the four horsemen by Denny Marshall on page 58. The short story Thunder Bay by Robin Wyatt Dunn I found rich in macabre symbolism. Glad to be part of this issue.

  6. Night to Dawn 24 Oct. 2013. Thanks for your inclusion of Brother, Can You Spare Some Blood? Hopefully it will go down well with readers. Strangely enough, it was my shot at a warped out vamp love story.

    The nastiest and therefore the best poem was Hanks’ Vampire Winter. Since I’m just getting out of winter I can relate. Spring hasn’t quite sprung in Sydney, Australia.

    The Infernal Buddha sounds pretty good. I haven’t read a Doc Savage novel in some time.

    Nice portrait of Poe on page 49 by Denny Marshall.

    The Steel Rose teaser was a good idea.

    Art work by Denny Marshall on page 77 is kinda freaked out but ultimately an interesting take on the vampire as demon or the demon with vampire tendencies.

  7. i noticed that Lee Clark Zumpe and Denny E. Marshall were each credited twice on the cover of #20? is this on purpose?

    • No, it was an oversight. That said, I think highly of Lee and Denny’s work. I’ve been blessed with great writers and illustrators.

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