Michael De Stefano

historical fiction novel by Michael De Stefano

Born into a band of roughneck migrants, Pablo Cordero spends his youth harvesting wheat under an unforgiving sun on the dusty plains of the Midwest. After witnessing the rape and subsequent death of his mother, and the slaying of a ruthless landowner, Pablo breaks free from the band and begins his unlikely ascension into society. There, he discovers the strength of his own spirit and love that transcends Heaven and earth.

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From the dismal coalmines of Scranton, Pennsylvania came Antonio Corelli… (Grandfather). Against his better judgment, but to unburden his struggling folks, he takes along his two unruly brothers, Al and Nunzio. Upon arriving in the big city, the young duo steals a pig from an Aramingo Avenue slaughterhouse—an act that triggers a lifetime of calamity.

The paperback costs $14.88; the eBook costs $3.99. You can read an excerpt or review here.

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Michael De Stefano writes historical fiction and coming of age novels.Author’s notes: Michael DeStefano is from Philadelphia, where he is the owner of a hairstyling salon. Currently, he makes his home in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, is the husband of a Gulf War veteran, and author of The Gunslinger’s Companion. Any thoughts or criticisms readers of Waiting for Grandfather and The Gunslinger’s Companion wish to share may be sent to dtbhs@aol.com.

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