Discarded Treasures

25 Shades of Dead

Discarded Treasures features zombie fiction written by Harold KempkaExcerpt: Six months after the funeral, Ophelia suddenly awakened in dank darkness. Her milky, opaque eyes provided her with a night vision of sorts, and she could see the shadowy interior of her casket. She also felt an awareness of its soft, silky padding.

The casket, having cracked beneath the weight of the earth, allowed in worms and bugs that had begun to feed on her. Although this was now her eternal home, a primal urge for flesh and brain matter commanded her to rise to the surface periodically and feed as well. The broken record repetition stirred her body into action.

Ophelia’s calcified fingernails clawed at the wooden casket until she ripped through. She dug upward through the musty earth, spitting mouthfuls of dirt. Her hand broke the surface, scattering clods of sod about the plot while she clawed at the sky.

The other arm followed and she pulled herself from her grave.


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