Chasing Mylar Balloons

Barbara Custer loves Mylar balloonsand horror fiction.

I’ve spent the past week chasing Mylar balloons, or more to the point, the balloons have been chasing me. The balloon brigade started Friday when I headed to the dollar store to get some balloons for the senior center where I volunteer. Plenty called to me—a heart and three stars. It brought a lot of smiles from the members there.

Sunday brought my weekly visit to the CVS. I needed some items there and had Extra Bucks, and the balloons there swarmed me. Mylar pumpkins, spider’s web, Mylar leaves, and more. I had in mind to get some Halloween candy, but by gosh, I plumb forgot. Nothing like a glittery pumpkin balloon to usher in the Halloween spirit. I left the store with the other items I needed, plus a leaf and a pumpkin.

On Thursday, it was time to pick up my mail. I went off to the post office, and at the doorway, a huge arch filled with pink balloons greeted me. October is, after all, Breast Awareness Month, and the folks at the post office were commemorating the cause.

On Saturday, I had a mail call again, so I got another gander at the pink balloon arch at the post office. Then, it was off to the Giant for some staples, and what do you know? More balloons. This one I bought had a “welcome, fall!” message on it. I needed this balloon for research to write my blog. It put me over the top for Halloween, and I did buy some chocolate.

On Sunday, it will be time to revisit the CVS to check out the new sales. This is part of stocking up for the winter. And I can bet that the good folks at CVS laid in another stash of Mylar balloons. So I will once again resume chasing Mylar balloons. 🙂

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