Do Movies Generate Ideas?

For me, the answer is yes. If you want ideas for another story, watch some movies, said my Mylar balloons. Movies used to get your muse talking. While you’re at it, how about working on some blogs.

The dialogue with my balloons began because I’m in the gray area of waiting for an edit. I finally sent my WIP to Kathryn Craft for a developmental edit. I haven’t blogged in several months because I was busy working on my novel. When I took her course, Your Novel Year, in 2020, I got going full steam with my WIP.

I assure you from experience that once you’ve taken this course, you’ll look at writing with new eyes. That said, I had a tough time with my ending. Endings never came easy for me, and this WIP was no different. I knew what I wanted my character’s last lines to be, but making the transition there didn’t go easy. I have no idea how this will pan out.

According to workshop leaders, once you submit your work, you should start working on your next story. They’re right. I realized then I had no ideas. Because of events between 2018 to 2020, I never expected to get an opportunity to write another tale. That was when my balloons pointed out that I hadn’t gone to or watched a movie in several months.

So I’ve committed to a film each week, even if it’s on Amazon Prime. After watching Stephen King’s A Good Marriage, I had a dream which provided several plot bunnies for a potential story. I found myself writing a scene. I’m not sure if I’m heading for a short story or book, but I think I’d like to interview the characters and find out.

There’s much to be said for watching movies at home with my Mylar balloons. They make an excellent shied to blot our gory scenes like those I saw in Odd Thomas last night. Where do you find your ideas? I’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences.  

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