Have Mummy Will Travel

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Have Mummy Will Travel

While my Mylar balloons guarded my house, I spent the weekend at Mohegan Sun Casino in CT. When I left, I anticipated shopping and light gambling with the slot machines. Ah, but my mummy buddy had a different type of gambling in mind. Dat’s wight, wabbits, I’m talking about the mummy from Atlantic City.

In June, I explored Virginia Beach, including the House of Mirrors, and I saw the mummy’s image etched on the glass. But given the excitement of the two book releases and many balloon chases, I’d plumb forgotten about it. The mummy didn’t. There’s burial ground about three miles from the casino, and the dead don’t rest easy.

Mohegan Sun, built by the Mohegan tribe, has much beauty. At the Casino of the Sky, you can look up and swear that you were in an open building with blue sky overhead. The architects planned it that well. A long hallway leads to the shops, restaurants, and the Casino of the Earth, where a waterfall was built. Near the waterfall, a mountain lion poses on a vast rocky post. If you go to my Facebook page, you’ll see all the pictures of the waterfall, lion, and hallway that depicts Indian drawings and tools. In the corridor, at the last panel, stood a canoe. At its base lay something covered by a red blanket. I’ve posted a photo, and if you look closely, you can make out fingers poking from underneath the blanket. A fellow traveler explained that the red blanket thing was a papoose, a type of bag for carrying children.

Now I did some research and learned that the Egyptians aren’t the only people known for mummification. What’s more, most papooses have an opening for the child’s face. Not this one. It was definitely worthy of a photograph. All the same, I got to thinking about the AC mummy and found an alternate route to the shops and Casino of the Earth.

Between the Virginia House of Mirrors and the hallway sighting, the gambling has begun. I had written “Reunion with the Unspeakable,” a short story about mummies on a previous blog. According to my Mylar balloons, I’ll need to write a book with a mummy character down the road.

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  1. Mechanical forms of gambling such as slot-machines I am wary of even though in most countries there are laws that give the gambler a chance of winning. Computer games of chance where I am expected to gamble my own money I avoid altogether. No way they can be kept honest as far as I know. I have been watching the first season of the early black and white Twilight Zone. In it there is an episode of a nasty slot-machine that targets a particular individual sending him broke before killing him. Not a bad episode. Last time I played a slot-machine I told myself I’d bet no more than twenty dollars and when that was gone I would walk away. Well I made thirty dollars on the machine, gave ten back and walked away with an extra twenty. Do we always know when to quit. I would say no. Am I a big gambler? No. Not in the conventional sense. I haven’t acquainted myself with native American culture.

    • For this trip, the tour company gave each one of us a voucher for $20 toward gambling. I gambled the voucher, and that was it. I have bet my own money in the past, but never more than $20. Now the clothing department stores at the casino are a different matter. 🙂 I’ve not any exposure to native American culture also but found what I saw at the casino interesting. Barbara of the Balloons

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