These include the Night to Dawn contributors, good friends, and websites with information useful to the aspiring author.

Neil Benson:

Denyse Bridger:

Cathy Buburuz:

Margaret L. Carter:

James Gurley:

Kevin James Hurtack:

Tom Johnson:

Don Lafferty:

Jonathan Maberry:

Pat McCain:

Minnie Estelle Miller:

Derek Muk:

Al Sirois:

Marge Simon:

Donald H. Sullivan:

Teresa Tunaley:

Michael Ventrella:

David L. Transue:

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Also including editors I recommend for your book before it goes to publication (or an agent)l:

Toni Rakestraw

Maura Anderson:


To Share A Sunset by Christine Michels. $2.99 from
Tynan was a dangerous man, arrogant and rough-mannered, yet he was Tallia’s only hope of crossing the perilous desert to reach her home. He could protect her from the dangers of the wasteland, but who would protect her from herself. For in his piercing eyes, the beautiful young Healer saw secrets and a smoldering desire that both frightened and fascinated her.

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