Night to Dawn features vampires, zombie fiction, poetry, and dark illustrations.I plan to stay open for submissions March, 2017. I usually stay open limited periods so that I don’t run into overflow and have people wait years to see their work in print. Thank you for your interest and support  ~ Barbara of the Balloons

Submissions are tight, but I can be persuaded if you’ve got a great tale to tell. I am looking for dark fantasy, new versions of the vampire, zombie, and mummy. Think of a mummy that drinks blood, or a creative twist on the zombie. I’m also interested in poetry that has the dark fantasy motif. I am actively seeking reviews on books related to science fiction, horror, and fantasy; also crime and adventure.

Encouraged: a tale or poem that makes me afraid to turn out the lights. Your action and conflict should start from page one. I also enjoy a good book or movie review.

Discouraged: gratuitous love scenes and using any god’s name in vain. This goes especially for the magazine. Manuscripts should be double-spaced on Courier Times, or Times New Roman. I prefer word counts less than 5,000, but will consider longer lengths for serialization. If you’re unsure, query before sending. Since the mail runs slow, I prefer email submissions in RTF (as attachments). I may consider science fiction if it’s got dark overtones. As for the novels, I print SF, thriller, and fantasy. I am currently closed to submissions for the novels.

Artwork should be submitted in black and white, 8 x 11 or smaller in a form easy to scan or photocopy. Payment:  $5.00 per fiction tale plus one contributor’s copy; $2.50 per poem and flash fiction (1.5K or less); $25.00 for cover art; contributor copy for reviews and interior art.

Send submissions and queries to and put Night to Dawn in the subject line. This way, if your email lands in the spam filter, I can get to it easily. If you change your address or have any issue with mail, let me know ASAP. I do not wish to assume responsibility for lost mail.

My mailing address is:

Barbara Custer, Editor / Publisher

P. O. Box 643

Abington, PA 19001


  1. How many poems can be sent to you one time?

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