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Campfire Chillers features horror fiction short stories by Rajeev Bhargava.Excerpt: The Aztec demon is unleashed. The green bottle is his “trick.” They’re his bait.

When a group of friends decide to take a break for the night, pitching camp around a crackling fire, their team leader sees a creepy green bottle embedded in the ground. It looks ancient. He pulls it out, deciding to use it as a “spinner.”

And so, they all take turns to tell their tale, unaware that within this bottle abides an ancient creepy Aztec demon spirit, vowing to teach them all a lesson, one they will never forget.

Will they make it through the night?  Or will the forces of evil prevail?

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Rajeev Bhargava authored Late Night Campfire Tales, a series of horror tales.Rajeev Bhargava lives in Harrow, Greater London.

He enjoys writing stories on various themes, some of which include horror, science fiction, fantasy, mythology, adventure and for children. He also enjoys writing poetry and doing illustrations. His writing career began in 1991, and since then, to-date, his works have been appearing frequently in various small press and mainstream magazines and books. His all-time favorite publication is Night to Dawn magazine, which he enjoys reading and writing for, and where his most recent works continue to appear.

To contact him, e-mail him at: TSilverPhoenix@aol.com.

Visit him at: silver.phoenix.3591@facebook.com

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