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Barbara Custer wrote this science fiction novella in a futuristic setting.The Trittonite in “Life Raft: Earth” informs Natalie Springer that an exploding star is headed Earth’s way and will demolish the human race. After lengthy negotiations with politicians, Captain Chibale and his pilots organize a fleet of ships to turn Earth into a life raft, which they tow out of the exploding star’s path, against their manufacturing head’s wishes. Keket, the greedy officer, retaliates by showering Earth with meteors. Even in “peaceful” times, fights break out among the humans since the Trittonites’ actions breed distrust. While Natalie argues with her own boss, Keket beams the two women aboard and tortures them for sport. Keket takes part in the negotiations, turning up the heat, while Natalie and her supervisor figure out a way to survive.

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When Blood Reigns features an unholy blend of zombie fiction and science fiction by Barbara Custer.Marked for death, Alexis accompanies her lover, Yeron, and four survivors of a zombie invasion on a search for the renegades who created a chemical that induces a zombie-like state. On the way, ravenous flesh-eaters attack Alexis’s team; one survivor turns on her. She realizes too late that the renegades have been tracking her every move. When officials capture her, she becomes deathly ill. Can DNA splicing save her? Will Yeron’s attempts at rescue jeopardize all their lives? You can find ordering information, reviews, and an excerpt here.

This science fiction tale was written by Barbara Custer.Devastated by an error which results in an infant’s death, Lilly became deathly ill and collapses from loss of blood. She later wakes from emergency surgery with telepathic powers. When an extraterrestrial ship crash-lands near her home, she investigates and happens upon a survivor who needs her help. Motivated by guilt-ridden feelings over the baby, she rescues him, catapulting herself into a war between two alien armies. Now the renegade soldiers are on her trail and have marked her for death.  For excerpt, reviews, and buy links, click here.


Close Liaisons features romance in a science fiction setting by Barbara Custer.Both tales portray friendly strangers seeking lovers and bringing death.

“Familiar Stranger” portrays the good versus evil in two aliens who are brothers. One of them loves humans, and the other wants to destroy them. In addition to fighting the bad guys, the protagonist Cassandra must battle her own demons along with the alien centipedes that feed on human flesh. Like the author, she loves her Mylar balloons, especially when she discovers that helium makes an effective weapon.

Heather, a timid, bullied high school student in “Secret Light, Silent World” believes the alien she meets will solve her problems. Instead, he lures her into a deadly trap, using her for his own insidious plans.

Close Liaisons offers two different tales of heroic aliens bent on rescuing the human race, evil aliens intending to destroy it, and a healthy dose of sensual probing in between.

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Steel Rose is an unholy matrimony of zombie and science fiction by Barbara Custer.The denizens of hell attack. The zombies feed. She’s their meal.

The renegade Kryszka concoct a chemical to zombify humans and turn them into flesh craving monsters. Yeron escapes their colony to practice human medicine, but most people fear him. So does his patient Alexis until he woos her with compassion and caring. His medicine controls her disabling pain from arthritis, but she’s too weak to handle most weapons. The hospital has oh, so many windows and its security proves no challenge for the invading villain Kryszka. The zombies they bring are hungry. Very hungry.

You can view the video trailer for Steel Rose here. Credits go to Cyrus Wraith Walker and his company,

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This horror fiction tale was written by Barbara Custer.Tragedies beset Leslie, a timid, bullied respiratory therapist — her mother’s suicide, a ruined career, her mistake which costs a patient’s life, and numerous bloody killings near the hospital where she works.  Alex, her only friend, conceals a secret — he’s a 100-year-old vampire.

Seeking escape, Leslie stumbles into Adria, an alternate universe ruled by fire, vampires, and the underworld god Hades. Alex finds her near death after a brutal beating; he offers her immortality.  Immortality gifts Leslie with love and longed-for healing abilities, but she becomes a target for Hades’ wrath.  Hades plots the destruction of all vampires; flesh-eating bats serve as his spies.  Leslie confronts Hades, begging him to spare her life and Alex’s…and risks frying in a towering inferno.

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Anthology featurings zombie fiction and revenant tales by Barbara Custer, set in PhiladelphiaThe train has arrived, and we’re boarding. Destination: city of the dead. Here’s hoping you brought your gun, and that you can execute a head shot. You’ll be meeting a lot of revenants and zombies, and only a shot to the head will stop them. Sometimes the dead return to complete unfinished business with people who’ve wronged them, ugly business that involves bloodshed. Most times, they’re out to terrorize everyone. If you don’t know weapons, you might have to get creative the way the characters in the upcoming 12 stories did to survive. Even vampires fear them, and Philadelphia is a popular city for the undead among the tourists. City of Brotherly Death costs $12.95 plus $3.59 standard shipping. For reviews, excerpt, and ordering information, click here.




This eBook features horror tales by Barbara CusterThis trilogy contains three short stories involving a vampire, zombies, and a revenant confronting people who’ve wronged them when they were alive. In “Rebirth,” a bullied teenage girl grieves over her mother’s murder and vows to avenge her death. An ill-tempered homeowners’ association manager in “Homes for the Dead” gets her comeuppance when the dead residents in her development confront her. A sickly, elderly woman in “Roses for Elaine” almost dies from sordid conditions at a nursing home. Who will save her? Each tale will motivate you to keep your lights on at night. Collectively, the stories total about 8,500 words.

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Barbara Custer uses her medical background for grist to creat zombie and science fiction tales.About the Author: I live near Phila., PA, where I work full-time as a respiratory therapist. When I’m not working with patients, I’m chasing Mylar balloons at the supermarket, enjoying a fright flick, or working on horror and science fiction tales. Many of my short stories have appeared in numerous small press magazines. In 2004, I became the publisher of Night to Dawn magazine.

Books by me include Twilight Healer, When Blood Reigns, Steel Rose, City of Brotherly Death, Close Liaisons, and Life Raft: Earth. I’ve also coauthored Alien Worlds and Starship Invasions with Tom Johnson. I enjoy bringing my medical background to the printed page and then blending it with supernatural horror. I maintain a presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and The Writers Coffeehouse forum. Look for the photos with the Mylar balloons, and you’ll find me.

To contact me, e-mail me at Visit me at:

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