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Welcome to my night gallery. Please explore with your eyes open and your wits about you. Here all breeds of monsters lurk, some friendly, some sad, some humorous, and others…well, just downright hostile. My goal is to explore the dark side of humanity and showcase the writers who share the same interest. The following pages will take you through my own work, my biography, links, Night to Dawn magazine, and to the individual authors who books are published under the NTD imprint.


Tom Johnson


Barbara Custer, Gerald Browning, Herald Kempka


Rod Marsden, JoAnna Senger, Pat McCain, Michael De Stefano


Writers, Know Your Bites 2/5/14: A while ago, I read someone’s manuscript describing the protagonist being dive-bombed and pecked by a crow. The mood promised shades of Hitchcock’s The Birds until the medics arrived. They took a look at the screaming woman’s wounds…read more.

The Balloon Experiment. (12/19/2013) The other day I stumbled across an article called “1000 Verbs to Write By.” Basically it lists common verbs and gives a list of stronger verbs, that is, verbs that show rather than tell the action. The “bad boy” verbs include…read more.

Healthcare Workers and Zombies (10/31/2013) Before I wrote Steel Rose and City of Brotherly Death, I wondered how healthcare workers would handle zombies. What would my role as a respiratory therapist entail in a zombie invasion? Let’s consider a brain-dead patient, someone whose heart still beats, but the lack of…read more.

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You can view the video trailer for Steel Rose here. Credits go to Cyrus Wraith Walker and his company, http://cyrusfictionproductions.bravehost.com.

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Announcement: you may have noticed some blogs disappearing. They haven’t vanished. I moved them over to a new site where I’ll be posting reviews, promos, and my balloon escapades. Blog site: http://mylar409.livejournal.com/

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Reservation Ravaged by JoAnna Senger

It should have been easy.

Hermione Daggert thinks she has arrived when the senior partner of Denning & Daggert gives her sole responsibility to handle a case for a local Indian tribe, the Kanache.  The fact that she has never met a Kanache?  A minor inconvenience.  After all, she plowed her way through the stringent California requirements for a PI license easily enough.

Returning home that day, she is surprised to find a note from the Kanache leader with arrangements for a visit.  A deceptively simple find-the-man case becomes the gateway to a geologic mystery: why has desolation suddenly swept over a portion of the Kanache reservation?  When a local socialite dies an inexplicable fiery death on the land, desolation descends into death.

Perhaps her home town San Tobino has as many secrets as the Central California Coast, that least known region of the best known state.




Lifetime Achievement Award for Pulp Literary Fiction


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  4. Dearest Barbara
    Thank you so much for publishing my drawings in Night To Dawn (Issue 20). Its a wonderful magazine to be in. Quite beautiful. I am pleased as punch with it.
    Thank You Chris

    1. cover’s great, and the book’s better. Steve and I both read it an we posted brief reviews on my goodreads site.

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