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Welcome to my night gallery. Please explore with your eyes open and your wits about you. Here all breeds of monsters lurk, some friendly, some sad, some humorous, and others…well, just downright hostile. My goal is to explore the dark side of humanity and showcase the writers who share the same interest. The following pages will take you through my own work, my biography, links, Night to Dawn magazine, and to the individual authors who books are published under the NTD imprint.


Tom Johnson


Barbara Custer, Gerald Browning, Herald Kempka

display of Barbara Custer and Harold Kempka's books

Rod Marsden, JoAnna Senger, Pat McCain, Michael De Stefano



Late Night Campfire Chillers: The Aztec demon is unleashed. The green bottle is his “trick.” They’re his bait.

When a group of friends decide to take a break for the night, pitching camp around a crackling fire, their team leader sees a creepy green bottle embedded in the ground. It looks ancient. He pulls it out, deciding to use it as a “spinner.” Read more…

The Gunslinger’s Companion: Born into a band of roughneck migrants, Pablo Cordero spends his youth harvesting wheat under an unforgiving sun on the dusty plains of the Midwest. After witnessing the rape and subsequent death of his…read more.

Close Liaisons:Cassandra Kelly is without a year of her life—a year that has gone missing. People from that year are back to wreak havoc in her life. Her resolve is strong, but fragments of missing time rain down…read more.

Life Raft: Earth – Trittonite Chibale warns Natalie Springer that an exploding star heading toward Earth will incinerate the planet. After lengthy negotiations with politicians, he and his pilots organize a fleet of ships to pull the Earth…read more.


A Balloon Lady’s Look at 2014 Conference. 6/9/2014 During the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, I stayed at the Wyndham Hotel and brought balloons along to help me sleep. As everyone knows, I’m a balloon lady and my balloons follow me wherever I go. Therefore, I showed up at the conference alert and ready to learn. Read more…

Pantser versus Plotter 6/4/2014 Up until now, I’ve been a pantser. When I wrote Steel Rose, I sketched each character and drew a one-page synopsis of the story I imagined. Then off I went to my scenes, letting my imagination guide me through a plot. Sometimes I started in the middle of the book and worked my way backward; other times forward. Read more…

Do Blog Tours Work? 5/17/2014 You’ve gotten a letter from Publisher X accepting your novel and a contract. Your contract appears on the up-and-up and you’re in balloon heaven. The euphoria helps you through the edits, but the honeymoon ends when you go about the business of marketing the book. Read more…

Writers, Know Your Bites 2/5/14: A while ago, I read someone’s manuscript describing the protagonist being dive-bombed and pecked by a crow. The mood promised shades of Hitchcock’s The Birds until the medics arrived. They took a look at the screaming woman’s wounds…read more.

The Balloon Experiment. (12/19/2013)

Healthcare Workers and Zombies (10/31/2013)

Here There Be Monsters

The Elusive Ending

You can view the video trailer for Steel Rose here. Credits go to Cyrus Wraith Walker and his company, http://cyrusfictionproductions.bravehost.com.

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Announcement: you may have noticed some blogs disappearing. They haven’t vanished. I moved them over to a new site where I’ll be posting reviews, promos, and my balloon escapades. Blog site: http://mylar409.livejournal.com/

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Lifetime Achievement Award for Pulp Literary Fiction

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