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NTD28frontcoverwhiteNameswebsitePlease explore Night to Dawn with the understanding that holy objects and garlic may not protect you, for the NTD vampire is no ordinary species. You might meet the blood drinker of yore, or a walking skeleton, or even a human vampire. Then there are the psychic vampires. Recently, NTD has been featuring werewolves and other monsters but always with the blood lust theme. Our goal is to showcase the work of writers who share a passion for the horror genre. By featuring upcoming artists and writers, we hope to bring new life to the world of the undead. NIGHT TO DAWN will offer tales written by Tom Johnson, Lee Clarke Zumpe, and other authors that will appeal to your SPINE!!

Elizabeth Pierce-Collins, the artist appearing in the latest issue of Night To Dawn, has agreed to sell her artwork for those visitors of that are interested!  Kindly contact her directly at 475 Chorro Creek Road, Morro Bay, Ca. 93442  for more information.

Night to Dawn 28 features a concoction of zombies, ghosts, vampires, and other…beings. Along with Marge Simon, Rod Marsden and Hal Kempka, Allan Heller’s “Clutch in the Crypt” includes a werewolf, a vampire and a zombie. Other zombie tales include Katie Tillwick’s “Paperwork,” which shows what can happen when bureaucracy gets in the way of fighting the dead. McQuiston’s “Night’s Embrace” portrays love between two zombies, but woe betide the humans that get in their way. Ken Goldman’s “Snow Angel” features an elderly man reciting a story to his grandchild, whom we learn isn’t human—quite. All of these tales and many more will haunt you long after you close the book, for the dead travel fast.


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NTD books feature science fiction, fantasy, dark fantasy, supernatural horror (especially vampire), and adventure. NTD has branched into publishing novels two years ago, and tries to blend a hybrid of horror and science fiction with its work. NTD publishes about six books a year. Query before sending any work. You can find excerpts, reviews and other information on the NTD authors and their works on the following pages. Coffee Time Romance has done a lot of reviews for NTD books.



written by Harold Kempka

A lot of coffee got consumed by me and the author for this one.





Discarded Treasures brings you twenty-five dreadful shades of the dead, designed to provide you a horror fix at lunch, on a break, between classes, or perhaps a good scare to help you sleep. Visit an avant-garde art gallery where a new artist’s work will catch your eye; step into the morgue….read more. The Litter: They kept to the shadows so no one would know they existed, and preyed on the nameless who no one would miss. Where did they come from, and who was protecting them? In a city that had seen every kind of savagery, they were something new, something more than murderous. And one woman who had thought she had lost everything there was to lose in life would soon find that nothing could possibly prepare her for what would come when she entered their world. You can find reviews, an excerpt, and ordering information here. 40 Frightful Flash Fiction Tales: From the perils of The First Crusade to the tempestuous skies over war-torn China in the 1940s, death, danger and destruction lurk everywhere … and can strike before you know what hit you. Devastation is served with a smile … read more.

Unfortunately, I can’t include shipping costs with the price for the books. The prices noted with PayPal buttons include the shipping rate for each book. Media mail is not available as there is no way to track media mail. However, you can get steep discounts in postal rates by ordering multiple copies or ordering eBook copies. Please contact me at with questions.

**SALE: From Monday, October 21 through Monday October 28, Kevin Doyle’s The Litter will be available on Smashwords and Kindle for $0.99. After the 28th, it goes back up to $4.99. **


The Sanguinarian Id frontcoverWEB

 The Sanguinarian Id by L. M. Labat: Within Europe’s late nineteenth century, marvelous medical miracles came into existence that augmented the intellectual to new horizons. Doctors of all fields were admired for their dedication to health and humanity. However, as their accolades increased, these professionals grew fat with entitlement while their patients starved for love. With speedy developments, the human brain, in its entire splendor, spiraled dangerously into the new era of indulgences that forked the path between masterpiece and monstrosity.




Infinite Sight, a novella by Barbara Custer; illustration by Marge Simon: Devastated by an error which results in an infant’s death, Lilly became deathly ill and collapses from loss of blood. She later wakes from emergency surgery with telepathic powers. When an extraterrestrial ship crash-lands near her home, she investigates and happens upon a survivor who needs her help. Motivated by guilt-ridden feelings over the baby, she rescues him, catapulting herself into a war between two alien armies. Now the renegade soldiers are on her trail and have marked her for death.




When Blood Reigns by Barbara Custer: Marked for death, Alexis accompanies her lover, Yeron, and four survivors of a zombie invasion on a search for the renegades who created a chemical that induces a zombie-like state. On the way, ravenous flesh-eaters attack Alexis’s team; one survivor turns on her. She realizes too late that the renegades have been tracking her every move. When officials capture her, she becomes deathly ill. Can DNA splicing save her? Will Yeron’s attempts at rescue jeopardize all their lives?


The Horror and Halloween Search Engine


OctoberHalloween blog hop SPIDER Banner

The October Frights Blog Hop ran October 1st through 10th. Hope you enjoy the blogs posted.

Does Geography Therapy Help Writer’s Block? (10/1/15)  Someone once suggested that the best therapy for any stress is an old-fashioned vacation. I’d planned a few days at Ocean City, NJ months ago. Lately, I found myself having a tough … read more.

An Intense Discussion on Italicizing Thoughts (10/3/15): One evening, I headed to a writers’ group meeting where of all things, we had a discussion on whether or not to italicize thoughts. Why are we talking about this, I wondered? My mind … read more.

Balloons and Branding (10/5/15): Jonathan Maberry, a wise author and mentor, once told me that the best way to get readers is not by pushing your book but by “branding” yourself. Perhaps you have a favorite shirt you might wear to signings. Perhaps everything … read more.

Personal Demons Revisited (10/7/2015): The other night, I had a visitor over my house and she’d asked me how I got to writing horror. I told her how it started with Dark Shadows and the Hammer films. Stephen King, among other authors, only fanned the flames, I said, ignoring the fact that my dance with horror began … read more.

You can view the video trailer for Steel Rose here.

All in One SEO Pack Pro version

Award won by Tom Johnson for his numerous pulp tales



  1. sounds like a fun one!

  2. Night to Dawn seems like a fun book!

  3. Oct. Frights Blog Hop: Thank you so much for offering such a generous giveaway. Both books are something I’d love.

    Mylar balloons: I think you have 27 balloons.

    Is there a way to subscribe to your blog so it goes to my email? My email address is: michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

    • We’ll see what the other folks guess. :) That’s a great question about subscribing – I realized the blog doesn’t show any way to do that. I’ll try to fix that. Barbara of the Balloons.

  4. Your website design is so nice now and so much easier to navigate around x

  5. Night to Dawn 26 – Of the poems I liked Marc Shapiro’s Bad Food the best. Great imagery. In terms of art, nice take on the four horsemen by Denny Marshall on page 58. The short story Thunder Bay by Robin Wyatt Dunn I found rich in macabre symbolism. Glad to be part of this issue.

  6. Night to Dawn 24 Oct. 2013. Thanks for your inclusion of Brother, Can You Spare Some Blood? Hopefully it will go down well with readers. Strangely enough, it was my shot at a warped out vamp love story.

    The nastiest and therefore the best poem was Hanks’ Vampire Winter. Since I’m just getting out of winter I can relate. Spring hasn’t quite sprung in Sydney, Australia.

    The Infernal Buddha sounds pretty good. I haven’t read a Doc Savage novel in some time.

    Nice portrait of Poe on page 49 by Denny Marshall.

    The Steel Rose teaser was a good idea.

    Art work by Denny Marshall on page 77 is kinda freaked out but ultimately an interesting take on the vampire as demon or the demon with vampire tendencies.

  7. i noticed that Lee Clark Zumpe and Denny E. Marshall were each credited twice on the cover of #20? is this on purpose?

    • No, it was an oversight. That said, I think highly of Lee and Denny’s work. I’ve been blessed with great writers and illustrators.

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