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Blue Plate Special

zombie novel by Harold Kempka

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Tidbits of horror for $2.99

Hal takes you right to the action in the Blue Plate Special anthology. This compilation of horror flash fiction dips, loops, and twists to churn your gut and draw out your primal fear without lengthy descriptions and back story.
In the anthology’s namesake, “Blue Plate Special,” Billy stops at a roadside café on a lonely, foggy highway. The blue plate special on the menu sounds good and even comes with desert. Yum-yum.
An old woman matches wits with a burglar; while hitchhikers thumb rides and Good Samaritans pick them up. An office worker boards the last train home. Lonely singles, zombies, vampires, and dark sinister creatures bumping in the night further grace the pages, as do unruly children, psychos and the people that love them.
Blue Plate Special contains something for nearly every twisted mind, and in the span of a lunch hour you can read a tale or two. While you head back to work reenergized, you may even ponder an idea or two about retaliating against your heavy-handed boss.

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